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Yama Kurami (山倉見)
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Age May look like a 17-year old, but is actually 16.
Height She is abnormally tall for her age, 5'9 to be exact.
Weight Currently unknown.
Alias Kurami Yama, the Marquise Mysteria (her name for an RPG game she plays; Vocaloid High AU only)
Ethnicity Japanese
Technical Information
Series Type Fan-made Vocaloids
Series No. 066
Chara Item Unknown; is usually shown with a skull.
Voice Kurami's voice would be similar to MEIKO's, but a bit deeper and mono-toned, and more menacing yet mysterious in a way.
Opt genre Mostly pop, but usually dark-themed songs
Additional Information
Creator HetaStuckWorts4137
Illustrator HetaStuckWorts4137
Affiliation N/A

Yama Kurami is a Japanese vocaloid with a monotoned-voice, and sings anything related to death and despair, with dark themes along with that.

She created by Hetastuckworts4137.



Yama Kurami's design is an illustration of a pale-skinned, indigo-eyed (with other bits of black around the iris), girl with dark indigo hair (her hair is a bit thick, and is partially wavy, with bangs that part to the right and left, and the back of her hair/head upward to the right). Her main attire would be a black-turtle-neck with no sleeves, a silver and purple shoulder-pad on her right shoulder (with grey straps coming from the pads, and etching through her right arm), a black skirt (with indigo accents and a grey belt), grey leggings, black boots (that go up to her knees and purple heels) and headphones similar to Megurine Luka's, except the brown parts are black, and the gold parts are silver (the blue? part remains the same).

Personality Edit

Kurami's personality and traits would be her bluntness, mysterious-like demeanor, and quiet aura. She tends to growl at others who try to talk to her, but instead, she scares them away. As you can see, she is a bit of a 'goth' and is also very anti-social, and isn't very easy to get to know (unless you were her childhood friend). Kurami doesn't like getting attention and getting involved in silly and stupid things, and often beats up boys who try to go near her.