Quotation1 こんにちは日本は、音楽をしたい!?

((Hello Japan,want music!?)) Quotation2

yukiko talking in her first concert
Megurine Yukiko
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 1.64 cm
Weight 74.03 kg
Alias Yukiko-chan beacuse of my skin
Ethnicity Japanese
Technical Information
Series Type Fan made vocaloids
Series No. 088
Chara Item a slice of pizza or sometimes a soccer ball
Voice Miwa yoshida
Opt genre Pop and electronic
Additional Information
Creator Inibi Uchiha
Illustrator Inibi Uchiha
Affiliation N/A
Megurine Yukiko is Megurine Luka's sister


as a little girl she was a good singer,her family was proud of Luka and Yukiko,but later when Yukiko started to go to school her mom started to get sick they tried to heal her but it wasn't enough and her mom died,later she was transferred to Tokyo,Japan on her first concert with her sister

Personality Edit

Yukiko is a strong girl but with a sensible heart.....

Design Edit

(Fixed by Heta XD)

Yukiko has long, pink hair (with a hue darker than her sisters) and medium-light skin, turquoise-blue eyes that would match her sister's

her goth basic she wears a black top similar to that of Meiko's, black gloves, dark red leggins, red headphones, and a black belt.

her with Friends basic is a skirt with a mini top and white sandals she uses a ponytail with that look

her basic is a white T-shirt,a blu mini skirt with dark blue shorts and black boots,she also uses dark grey gloves and her ear phones

Relationships Edit

family: she only is with her sister Luka,she considers Haku as her sister

friends: she likes to be with Haku,Hana (Heta) and Naomi (Girlx) sometimes she says to Naomi Phone addict beacuse Naomi is always with her phone,but sometimes they fight and they don't talk to eachother in a long time

Romance: she had a crush with Gakupo but he break her heart,one day she met a new guy named Sasuke and it was love at first sight

Pet: she has a purple kitty 

Enemies: her enemies are Gumi and Miku,

Gumi- beacuse she is making her life impossible

Miku- beacuse she always trolls her saying that her sister is hurt


  • She is goth just when she is with Meiko and Sasuke,when she is with her friends she changes her oufit she also uses her basic rarely
  • when she is angry she gets randomly a soccer ball or an octopus and hits the one who make her angry
  • she hates Kaito,Miku and Gumi
  • She and Haku are almost sisters