Personality Edit

Makiko Kyo is a fanmade Vocaloid made by AnitaTotallyRocks. She is the new girl in town from a Japanese city and she, however, a couple times ignore people's advice, but regrets it or feels guilty in the very next moment. As a fifteen year old, she is quite childish, not knowing what to do during her life.

She currently has trouble concentrating during her classes, but she usually does what her teachers say. She accepts everyone as her friend, no matter how different they are from her.

Family Edit

She has no siblings, but she has a father and a mother to live with. Also, she has a pet hamster named Emi, whom she named after a Japanese girl name. She has aunts and uncles living all the way in Japan, but she doesn't like mentioning them since her father does not get along with his brother and two sisters very well.

Friends Edit

Makiko's best friend is Yumiko Mai. They get along really well, and they're mostly considering themselves sisters. Even if they're not related.

Enemies Edit

She is enemies with Hanako Hoshi, Kiku Kin, and Masumi Rika since they're the popular ones at school and will most likely to pick on her and Yumiko.

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