Quotation1 I love singing and listening to music but above all, I love singing. What's your favorite hobby? Quotation2
First encounter with OLIVER
Jasmine "Jazzy"
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Age 12
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alias Jazzy-chan
Ethnicity English
Technical Information
Series Type Fan-made
Series No. 44
Chara Item MP3 Player
Voice Mayumi Iizuka
Opt genre Pop/Quick/Creepy
Additional Information
Creator SabbyGirl24
Illustrator SabbyGirl24
Affiliation Unknown

Jasmine or known for her nick-name, Jazzy-chan, is a young female Vocaloid who loves karaoke and enjoys singing a lot but above that, dancing is her favorite hobby and the best thing she is good at. The types of music she listens to is usually songs that has quick lyrics but she also likes pop and creepy songs. Jasmine is a cheerful girl with a lot of love and happiness in her heart and she tends to look at the positive side of life.

Jazzy-chan is created by SabbyFangirl24.



At the age of seven, Jasmine performed a kids' musical play which was Pinnochio and had to sing, which was the first time her voice was revealed. Many adults admired her voice and began complimenting her after the show, which led to their children becoming jealous of her talents. She then got cyber-bullied for a while at school because of the jealousy that filled the other students and her father, a producer, reported them to the principle and after that school year, they fled to Tokyo, Japan.


Jasmine is honest, benevolent, brilliant and often inventive, full of high inspirations. She is often courageous, honest, determined, original and creative. She is a leader, especially for a cause. Sometimes she does not care to finish what she starts, and may leave details to others. She is bold, independent, inquisitive and interested in research. She is a hard-working girl and tries her best to get what she wants. She might seem calm and peaceful at first, but then she goes all crazy cheerful and can easily make people laugh without even trying. Jazzy is truly friendly and caring above all.


Surprising elders, Jasmine had dyed her hair four different colors at the same time; blue, pink, purple and green. She actually has strawberry-blonde hair but her eyes are the same blue color as now. She has beige skin and is a bit taller than other twelve year olds.