• Hetastuckworts4137

    Hey Guys!

    October 4, 2014 by Hetastuckworts4137

    This wiki seems to be a bit inactive lately, and sadly (if you don't know), our founder SabbyFangirl will deactivate her account. Maybe we should give this wiki it's former spark? Idek

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  • Inibi Uchiha


    September 20, 2014 by Inibi Uchiha

    Yukiko: Akarui,Hana,Naomi,Akane,Jasmine,Haru and Arashi look what i made for you!!

    What do you think?

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  • Blue-Ribbonz

    Now, most Vocaloid's these days do have their own songs, and to avoid copyright in any way, it may help to make them yourself. Now Vocaloid is a japanese program, but there are plenty english ones out there, i'm suggesting if you want your character to have their own song to download a free version or a trial to see how you go, now I know by experience that these programs usually do not work on laptops, so it's best to download on compters. If you don't like the pitch with the finished product, it's best to find a voice close to the one your character has, use it, then go to audidacity after downloading and pitch it up and down depending on your characters voice. An english vocaloid song example is: 

    MMD (Miku Miku Dance) Is more or less an…

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  • AnitaTotallyRocks

    Okay so I was on the Community Central chat when I found out people were talking about some different wikis. There was a CC admin on the chat too, and she said: "All children under 13 will be banned from every wiki and now I'll be currently investigating". Something like that.

    I'm totally serious, someone mentioned Vocaloid Fansite Wiki. They said wikis like MHFWiki, EAHFWiki, or maybe VFansiteWiki must have COPPA. They NEVER mentioned EAHFWiki or MHFWiki, but someone heard about our wikia so I'm just showing off examples so you can understand....

    COPPA means "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act". People keep saying "COPPA" and I never understood what it meant so I looked it up from the online dictionary. Here is what it says: 

    The Child…

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  • IdioticPerfectionist

    Yomi's Idea

    August 1, 2014 by IdioticPerfectionist

    Hello wikians~

    I was wondering, since it IS a Vocaloid fandom, why not we include songs made by our OCs?

    What I was thinking was we didn't have to actually go on a recording studio and sing as our OCs. Maybe we can get already-made songs and just state that our OCs sang it? It's kind of like grabbing an actor and choosing him/her as our OCs portrayer.

    So, why not?

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  • Inibi Uchiha

    Yukiko: Naomi,Hana i think you will remember this pics

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  • Hetastuckworts4137

    Hey vocaloidians! Today in this blog, I'm here to tell you about some future plans this wiki may or may not have. So, I'm planning on making a fanfiction series that are based upon the roleplaying adventures I have with the users of chat! And along with that, the fanfiction would also include a chat system where the students could communicate with each other, called 'Crypton Chat Sythensiser' or something along the line. For the C.C.S. system, the students would make up screennames for the chat system, something like 'gutsyGumshoe' or something like that (first word should be an adjective, while the second should be a noun); feel free to come up names for your ocs, and don't forget to include a color for the text ^^

    (also, I need help with …

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  • SabbyFangirl24


    (Naomi and Mrs. Yowane (Me), Haku, Luka (um) giant fish and Yukiko (Inibi Uchiha), Big Al, Len, Gakupo, Hana and Kaito (HetaStuckWorts4137), and Akane (Blue-Ribbonz) )

    Naomi: I want to speak to my lawyer.

    Mrs. Yowane: You don't have one!

    Haku: *throws up* ...

    Yukiko: Haku! that is disgusting!

    Mrs. Yowane: *sighs* Haku, go to the bathroom and wash up.

    Naomi: Yes, I do have one. His name is Kagamine Len! Now, I would like to speak to him


    Len: My clientette called? *HE ALSO HAS A FAKE MOUSTACHE* 

    Naomi: *blushes* Yes! I want to get of detention.

    Akane: Well, it seems this even…

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  • IdioticPerfectionist


    July 24, 2014 by IdioticPerfectionist

    Hello everyone!

    I'm assuming every wikian here is from EAHFandom, so I do not need to introduce myself. But just in case,

    Hello! I am IdioticPerfectionist, previously knoened as GorjesterMaster. I'm from EAHFandom and MHFandom Wiki.

    When I saw Sabby advertising this wiki, I freaked out. Seriously.

    I mean, I love OCs, I love Vocaloid, I love wikis! PERFECT~

    I look forward to contributing in this fabulous wiki.

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  • AnitaTotallyRocks

    Hey Vocaloid fans!

    I was thinking that we should do a school for something. I know it's not the best name for a school, but maybe Vocaloid High? Maybe it should be a Japanese school name. We can do nice girls, mean girls, boys, dramas, and all kinds of imaginative stuff.

    It's just my idea! ^_^

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