Quotation1 It's best not to get on my bad side. Quotation2
AKARUI when someone misjudged her personality.
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 168cm
Weight 47kg
Alias Unknown
Ethnicity Japanese
Technical Information
Series Type Fanmade
Series No. 21
Chara Item Cotton Candy
Voice Unknown
Opt genre Rock & Pop
Additional Information
Creator IdioticPerfectionist
Illustrator IdioticPerfectionist
Affiliation Unknown

AKARUI is a Japanese Vocaloid who sings in the rock and pop category. She may look cute and all 'kawaii', but there's a reason why she loves the rock genre, too.

She may look like a cutie and her personality is one too! She absolutely loves sweets and cakes and cute things, but at the same time, electric guitars and rock.

AKARUI is made by IdioticPerfectionist in 2014.



AKARUI was programmed with a bubbly personality to suit her looks and was even included with a cotton candy, but a glitch went viral and spreaded into her which caused her to 'rebel'. (idek.)

She later on was found with an electric guitar instead of a cotton candy. The guitar was actually owned by Kamui Gakupo but then was transferred to AKARUI. Crypton then found that AKARUI lookd adorable and awesome with the guitar, so they programmed her to have a badass attitude as well.


AKARUI has a very bubbly and unique personality. She adores little creatires and cares for nature. She is also incredibly immature at times by eating unhealthy junk food and going hyper. But also, due to the 'virus', she also gained the personality of a rock star. She found out that she was very fond towards heavy metal and guitars later on.


AKARUI was programmed to love pastel and light colours. She still does love them, very much. Most of her clothing are pastel-like or either blue, purple or pink.

She has fair skin and purple hair which is often pulled into low side-pigtails. She also has a beauty mark in the right side of her cheek.


AKARUI is quite new and is still by herself.


【AKARUI】Tokyo Teddy Bear - English & Romaji

【AKARUI】Tokyo Teddy Bear - English & Romaji

AKARUI's first song.

Tokyo Teddy Bear is AKARUI's first song. It is about a girl named Akarui who runs away to change herself because she thought that nobody loved her, so she tried to "sew" a new personality- change her beliefs and points of views and what not. Later on, at the end, she finally discovers that she just wants to be herself, no matter what other people say.


  • AKARUI is the 1st OC IdioticPerfectionist made in this wiki.
  • Akarui is a Japanese word meaning 'bright'.


  • May 1, 2014: She is sketched and brought to life.
  • May 1. 2014: Her page gets uploaded to the wikia.